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Global Logistics and Fulfillment is a leading West Coast 3PL company providing outsourced B2B & D2C fulfillment, FBA prep, pick/pack, and distribution services to large- and mid-sized ecommerce, retail, and omni-channel merchants at three US West Coast locations (Las Vegas, San Diego, and Inland Empire). Want to save on your ecommerce fulfillment or retail distribution? Give us a SHOT...

Need fulfillment, distribution or kitting services? Fill out the contact form below to become eligible for a SHOT Show Special Offer:  *Qualified new SHOT Show customers will receive one month of storage for free!

* New customers with 1500+ B2C orders/mo. or 200+ pallets of storage


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Thanks for submitting your information! Global Logistics and Fulfillment staff will respond within 72 hours!

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