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Nearly 30 Years of Cost-Saving Fulfillment, Distribution & 3PL Services from Two West Coast USA Locations

From B2C/DTC fulfillment to retail distribution, kitting to warehousing, or FBM to FBA services,
Global Logistics and Fulfillment can help your company grow with fast, high-quality 3PL services!
Las Vegas  •  Inland Empire

Our Services

  • B2C/DTC, B2B & eCommerce Fulfillment

  • Distribution & Warehousing

  • Amazon Services: FBM & FBA Prep

  • Light Assembly, Kitting & Stickering

  • QA/QC Inspections

  • Returns Processing, Delabeling & Rework

  • Crossdock & Unloading/Loading

Our Customers

  • CPG and ecommerce firms

  • Manufacturers & retailers

  • Health & beauty

  • Non-perishable packaged foods

  • Packaging

  • Sports & outdoor goods

  • Textiles, apparel & plastics

  • Toys, games, licensed goods

​Global Logistics and Fulfillment is a leading West Coast warehouse and logistics company providing outsourced eCommerce fulfillment, distribution, pick/pack and kitting/light assembly services to large- and mid-sized customers.


Founded in 1996, our team provides competitively-priced and flexible 3PL solutions – with strategic locations in Las Vegas and the SoCal Inland Empire, offering nearly 400,000 sq ft of facility space to service US and international customers with their DTC/B2C, B2B and omnichannel fulfillment needs.

Contact us today for a customized, no-obligation quote for high quality, outsourced logistics and fulfillment services.

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