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Nearly 30 Years of Cost-Saving Fulfillment, Distribution & 3PL Services from Three West Coast USA Locations

From B2C/DTC fulfillment to retail distribution, kitting to warehousing, or FBM to FBA services,
Global Logistics and Fulfillment can help your company grow with fast, high-quality 3PL services!
Las Vegas  •  Inland Empire  •  San Diego

Our Services

  • B2C/DTC, B2B & eCommerce Fulfillment

  • Distribution & Warehousing

  • Amazon Services: FBM & FBA Prep

  • Light Assembly, Kitting & Stickering

  • QA/QC Inspections

  • Returns Processing, Delabeling & Rework

  • Crossdock & Unloading/Loading

Our Customers

  • CPG and ecommerce firms

  • Manufacturers & retailers

  • Health & beauty

  • Non-perishable packaged foods

  • Packaging

  • Sports & outdoor goods

  • Textiles, apparel & plastics

  • Toys, games, licensed goods

​Global Logistics and Fulfillment is a leading West Coast warehouse and logistics company providing outsourced eCommerce fulfillment, distribution, pick/pack and kitting/light assembly services to large- and mid-sized customers.


Founded in 1996, our team provides competitively-priced and flexible 3PL solutions – with strategic locations in Las Vegas, San Diego and the SoCal Inland Empire, offering nearly 400,000 sq ft of facility space to service US and international customers with their DTC, retail and omnichannel fulfillment needs.

Contact us today for a customized, no-obligation quote for high quality, outsourced logistics and fulfillment services.

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